main goal is to provide trail camera pictures of mature Pennsylvania whitetail bucks and to provide a place for men and women to come to share their passion for the outdoors.

It all started back in 2004 with one 35mm film camera. We hiked for several hours to find that perfect spot to set up the camera. On our way home we talked about the lay of the land, food sources, bedding areas and whether or not we made a good decision with our placement.

We couldn't wait to go back that next week to check the camera and develop the film. When we did we were surprised the very first picture was of a BigOldBuck...We called him Knuckles. He was our first and one of our biggest. That was then. Today we have grown from that one film camera to over 30 digital cameras and continue to try to top that legendary buck from 2004. We still get just as excited now as we did back then checking cameras. Always searching for that next BigOldBuck...but more importantly creating new memories. the great outdoors...creating memories

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